We’ll have a farmers’ movement in every village: BKU chief Rakesh Tikait

We’ll have a farmers’ movement in every village: BKU chief Rakesh Tikait

BKU national president Naresh Tikait outlined the strategy ahead, a day after the Muzaffarnagar kisan mahapanchayat

Q. What next after the success of Muzaffarnagar mahapanchayat?

A. The farmer in every village of UP is troubled. After the mahapanchayat, he has realised his power. Now there will be a farmers’ movement in every village.

Q. Are anti-BJP forces supporting farmers to serve their own political interests?

A. The farmer is fighting his own battle. The BJP government can hold talks with Pakistan and China but not with the farmers of their country. If the government takes two steps back, the farmers too will back down half a step.

Q. Jats seem to be the most visible in the agitation. Are other agricultural castes staying away? Also, is the movement more active in western UP?

A. If Jats are in a majority in western UP, naturally, you will see more of them. There were many farmers from eastern UP at the mahapanchayat. The distance may have deterred the others.

Q. There was a lot of emphasis on Hindu-Muslim unity at the mahapanchayat.

A. When the BJP feels insecure, it instigates riots. Hindu-Muslim unity was broken after the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots. Their anti-farmer policies have uni­ted every section of society. To break this unity, the BJP will organise riots again.

Q. At the mahapanchayat, UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath was targeted along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A. We voted for Yogiji along with Modiji. This does not mean we will tolerate his anti-farmer policies. We respect Yogiji. He should have a discussion with farmers and find a solution to their problems.

Q. Will BKU contest the 2022 poll?

A. Farmers are free to vote for other parties against the BJP at their discretion.


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