Multiple vessel subscriptions

  • USERNAME: If you intend to register more than one vessels we urge you to use as Username the name of the vessel.

Example: If vessel’s name is M/T Good Luck then the username should be goodluck

  • PASSWORD: Use same password for all vessels you subscribe

In that way, it will be much easier to manage your subscriptions without keeping too many notes. Also, it will be easier to memorise your login details.

Don’t Lose your password!

Due to the nature of service, cosmonews doesn’t require double opt-in for its subscribers because the vast majority of seagoing vessels hasn’t online access and is nearly impossible for email vessel to be verified.

Hence, if you lose the subscription password it is hard to gain it back since an email vessel lacks actual internet access. In any other case, follow screen instructions to get a new password.

Why don’t I receive my emails?

The most frequent reason for not receiving your emails is because your company server is rejects them due to their volume.

To solve this problem, login your account, go to Manage Subscriptions, click on Profile tab, and on Email Format column choose TEXT. 

Then click the Save Profile button.

This option strips the code entirely from your emails. After that, your emails will be further compressed, more than 250%