Secret Service claims Trump shooter fired from building outside rally area: Report

Secret Service claims Trump shooter fired from building outside rally area: Report

The US Secret Service, under fire over security lapses during Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania rally, has said the gunman who tried to assassinate the former President was perched atop a building which was outside the perimeter of the event.

Donald Trump, who is leading the Republican presidential race, was addressing his followers at a rally in Pennsylvania’s Butler on July 13 (local time) when gunfire rang out. Blood was seen on Trump’s face as he said a bullet pierced the upper part of his right ear.


The Secret Service officers later killed the 20-year-old gunman who fired shots at the former President.

According to a report in the New York Times, the Secret Service said Crooks fired multiple shots at the stage from an “elevated position outside of the rally venue” and hence was secured by local law enforcement.

US Secret Service agents respond as Donald Trump is surrounded on stage by agents. (AP Photo)

Apparently, the roof from where Crooks fired was fewer than 150 meters from where Trump was speaking, a distance from which a decent marksman could reasonably hit a human-sized target.

President Joe Biden has directed an independent review of the security at the rally. He said he also directed the US Secret Service to review all security measures for the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday in Milwaukee.

Gunman Thomas Matthew Crooks (Credits: AP)

According to Pennsylvania’s voter records, Thomas Crooks was a registered Republican. The motive behind his action has not been established yet.

Authorities were investigating as to how a shooter was able to get on top of a roof so close to where Donald Trump was speaking and open fire.

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Vani Mehrotra

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Jul 15, 2024


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