Association of Mining Companies: Greek mining industry a guarantee for Europe

Association of Mining Companies: Greek mining industry a guarantee for Europe

Mineral raw materials are expected to be on the rise in the coming years amid the energy transition, according to the management of the Association of Mining Companies, making the contribution of Greek mining companies important to socio-economic development at national and European level.

However, European policy is not at all favorable for the sector as the mining activity in Europe operates with the strictest legal framework in terms of environmental impacts. This has led to a reduction of over 35% in European production over the last 30 years.

Meanwhile, imports from third countries have increased. As the president of Association, Konstantinos Yazitzoglou, emphasized “Greek mining companies have made a substantial contribution to the socio-economic development of entire regions – with the creation of tens of thousands of well-paid jobs, the inflow of valuable foreign exchange – at times that were vital for stability of the country as well as in the development of know-how and innovation.”

Regarding the course of the Greek mining industry in 2024 but also in the long term, Yazitzoglou added that “at the dawn of our second century of activity, we envision the future, taking into account the significant changes we have experienced in recent decades, in everything that concerns technology, the environment but also geopolitical stability.

Utilizing the best available techniques, Greek mining companies guarantee the production of mineral raw materials with the smallest possible environmental footprint and are ready to meet the challenges of the future for green and sustainable development and offer Europe the critical as well as useful raw materials required.”


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